Thursday, 11 April 2013

Seasons Changing.

A poem written collectively by the Tuatara.

  Seasons Changing.

Waves barrelling
Sun melting
Fish flicking
People diving
Sand burning
Families swimming
Grass dying
Boats chugging

Marshmallows burning
Body freezing
Lightning breaking
Water icing
Ice frosting
Wood burning
Trees dying
Clouds storming

Roses smelling
Plants shooting
Rainbows sparkling
Bees buzzing
Flowers growing
Water shining
Birds nesting

Leaves crackling,
Branches breaking,
Leaves swirling,
Lightning striking,
Wind blowing,
Storms brewing,
Temperatures dying,

Friday, 22 March 2013


What an incredible week.
Tuatara went hunting for pukeko, dragonflies and fish life in and around the water at Lake Ngatu.
We swam and kayaked.
Ate lots of yummy food
and it didn't RAIN!

We were hosted by Paparore School for the night then met the lovely pupils from Te Manga classroom.
Thank you Mr and Mrs Windleborn, Mrs Davan and Paparore School for making us feel so welcome.

 And thank you parents who supported us .....making cakes, coming along or visiting us.  

Then back at Mangonui we entertained the school at Celebration Assembly with our rendition of the Pukeko Song and Dance.

Thursday, 7 March 2013


Wednesday: A visit to Mangonui Hall to hear Donna Blaber, author of both fiction and non-fiction.

We not only had a tour through the library but a were given an unexpected treat: rice bubble crackles and lollies. Thank you to Donna and the library ladies.

Friday: Exploring the mangroves. This wetland area so close to our school provides such an interesting place to explore. Active Ferns were able to show Tuatara around the mudflats and share their learning from last year. BUT once again mudfish and crabs proved to be the main attractions.

I spotted maggots in a kingfish's head next to a big rock.   Taylor

Sidney and I had a pool of crabs and more creatures. Bella

Kenny and I found a mudfish in a muddy pool .   Troy

I  saw  heaps  of   crabs  in  rock  pool  and  under  rocks.  Maia

It was tiring because we had to walk up a huge hill.    Hunna

and after all that Memphis and Reef still had enough energy to pick up rubbish that might find it's way down to the estuary. Thoughtful work boys! 

Here's a photo of Keira our amazing swimming Tuatara.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

Last week at assembly we presented our findings. In Tuatara many students are Nature Smart. Here are photos of Tuatara students being

People Smart: Cooperating, Contributing, participating.

Mathematical / Logic Smart: Counting, puzzles, logic games
Literacy Smart: Readers, writers, speakers and listeners.

Nature Smart: Thinking about nature, caring, curious

Self Smart: Thinking and Contemplating

Body / Kinethestic Smart: Sport, dance, moving

Spatial / Visual : Art Smart  Drawing, understanding maps, geometry, measuring
MUSIC SMART: Singing, playing, keeping the beat.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Coopers Beach Trip

We had a marvellous time at Coopers Beach today and getting there was half the fun.

Through Mill Bay

Up through the bush to the Rangikapeti Pa Road

Aren't we lucky to have such a great resource right on our doorstep.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Two Weeks In.

Two weeks into the school year and what a great start.

Look carefully and you can see students from Tuatara with their Holiday Reading Certificates.Well done Rachel, Amari, Reef and Taylor

At Race Night this week by the number of ribbons won's pretty clear Tuataras can swim....  FAST.

Thursday was International Book Swap Day and

 Friday proved to be interesting mixture of microscope gazing (Thanks Reef)
 and measuring.
 While some students spent time working out the capacity of various shaped containers, others competed for   

the longest peeling,

 The pippiest fruit. 
Yes that apple definitely won.

and a tie for the most juice squeezed.